When your whole life has centred around motorsports it is no surprise that Jamie wants to stay close to the track. As well as being a racing driver a new and exciting opportunity is being developed to help create the next generation of drivers. It is no coincidence that JGR will provide expert driver training and career support from junior to senior levels.

It is about improving your driving skills, confidence, track performance, mental toughness and self-belief. It is a package that comes from inside knowledge and a lifetime of experience, that Jamie now wants to share with other equally ambitious and dedicated drivers.

Our Philosophy

JGR are focused on developing and managing driver talent from grassroots to the top. We provide coaching to newcomers and already competing clients. JGR can help you to fully realise your potential and achieve your goals.

Our approach is based on a competitive philosophy but done with a smile on your face. We do not have a high pressure, stressful approach. We want this to be enjoyable and fun, especially for younger drivers. This does not stop it being successful, we always want to win or to do the best possbile!

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A Passion For Our Sport

Here at JGR we have racing coursing through our veins. Everyone in the business is fully committed to the sport. It is in our hearts, as well as our business.