For Juniors
Having started his own career with karting, Jamie is keen to pass on his detailed knowledge to the new generation of young drivers.

What Matters

The JGR approach is not the same as many other Karting Teams. Our focus is on enjoying the experience and growing in confidence. Not everyone can be the next Lewis Hamilton but they can have a great time while improving their driving skills. If this is the way that you want to develop, please make contact with your parents so we can talk more.
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Driver Development Options

At JGR we can provide the following options for Driver Development. The development phase is typically for 8-15 years of age. Beyond this we offer Driver Management for 16 year olds to adults.

  • We run a small, focused JGR Kart Team if you wish to apply for the season.
  • We support Club Championships through to British Championship level and LGM Series.
  • We provide 1-to-1 coaching tuition for young drivers, but only if they are not racing in the classes covered by our Kart Team.
  • We have a range of packages and options for coaching young drivers, so please make contact to see what's on offer.

your career in racing

If you do have the ambition to become a racing driver one day, JGR is the perfect choice as we also have Driver Management as part of our work. This means we can stay with you through the whole of your racing journey, not having to stop when you are older and want to develop beyond karting.

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